My skin has just not been behaving recently. I thought the summer sun would clear up my skin but it seems since I’ve come back from holiday, I’ve had breakouts galore and in places I never usually have any trouble. Having had enough of constant spots that didn’t come out into full blown ones but just wouldn’t go away either, I decided enough was enough and it was time to get back into my skincare routine in a big way.


Before I bought this product, I had thought I’d read reviews online saying how great an acid toner it is and its content of Salicylic Acid was something I was keen to try. I normally use Pixi Glow Tonic which contains Glycolic Acid and, as much as I do love it and think it’s great value for money, this just didn’t seem to give my skin the kick up the arse that it needed to shift these spots. Salicylic Acid seems to be a popular choice among those with blemish prone skin, as it can penetrate into the pores and exfoliate thus reducing breakouts.

So off to Boots I went knowing exactly what I was after. I have to say I do love Clinique packaging. It just seems so sleek and clean – exactly what I look for in skincare so I was really excited to use it.

The first time I used this I could tell it was a lot stronger than my Pixi Glow Tonic. You really need to only swipe this across the face once to feel it getting to work (be sure to avoid the eye and lip areas).

I then went on to read further reviews and to my horror I read so many awful reviews about this product, claiming it is nothing like the original formula and to avoid it at all costs. So that left me somewhat deflated about my new purchase that I was so enthusiastic to get home and use.

Nevertheless, never someone to waste something that I’ve spent my hard earned money on, I persevered and I have to say I am a fan. Granted, I can see how the alcohol content in this may be quite drying for some – especially considering I bought Lotion 2 which is meant to be for dry/combination skin. But whenever my skin feels slightly dry or I don’t think it can take an acid toner, I give it a rest for a day and it seems fine.

Although my spots haven’t completely disappeared, it looks as though I’ve not had any new ones join the party since I started using this toner. The Salicylic Acid seems to be doing the job. I also read that it also contains Citric Acid so this also helps to enhance skill cell turnover so hopefully it will speed up the recovery process and aid the scarring.

I guess it just goes to show that you can read reviews to give you an idea of what your skin may need but everyone’s skin is different and what is horrific for some may work for others. All I know is, it’s given my skin the boost it needed to get its act together. I may not use it forever and ever amen, but I would reach for it if my skin ever starts misbehaving again.


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