This week I thought I’d share with you my top 3 skincare products that get rid of spots and blemishes asap and just generally keep my skin smooth and glowing. Of course, I’m no skincare specialist, but I do know that these products really work for me and if I cut them out of my routine I definitely notice the difference.

Acid Toner


I’ve spoken about acid toners before in my skincare routine, but it really is so important to stop spots dead in their tracks and to even out your skin tone. I know acid can sound slightly scary but this Pixi Glow Tonic is gentle enough to use every day. The salicylic acid helps to get rid of any bacteria built up in your pores and resurfaces your skin. I use this twice a day after a cleansing and simply use a cotton pad to run it over my skin.

Facial Scrub


If my skin is feeling particularly bleurgh I always reach for this Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub from The Body Shop. The exfoliating (biodegradable) micro-beads completely smooth out my skin leaving it feeling so soft and clean. The tea tree oil also helps to heal and soothe any scarring and really wakes you up. Although definitely take care not to get this in your eyes! I use this product twice a week where it replaces my cleanser – I would say it’s slightly too harsh to use every day but really does make an instant difference as an addition to your weekly skincare routine.

Face Mask


Finally, if all else fails with your skin, go for a face mask. I picked up a sample of the Kiehl’s  Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energising Radiance Masque the other day and I absolutely loved it. It was easy to apply and when I washed it off my skin felt instantly smoothed and glowing. I think this product is definitely going to make into my birthday list! Again, add a face mask into your routine once or twice a week to maintain clear, glowing skin.


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