I don’t claim to be a very experienced blogger – this domain is still very new to me and I know I have a lot more to learn in order to be up there with the big boys! But since I’ve had a bit more time to devote to my blog recently, I’ve come to a few realisations that have really helped me gain more from the process and to stay motivated!


1. Don’t compare yourself to others

It is so easy to feel deflated and demotivated to keep working on your own little blog when you click on some of your favourite blogger sites for inspiration and direction and you’re struck by how much better or established they are compared to yours and how are you ever going to get there?! As quite an impatient person, I can really struggle with this as I want my site to be amazing and have a huge following right now! But the chances are that those blogs you’re looking at have probably been worked on for a number of years and it’s taken real dedication and hard work in order to get there. So the key is to just stay focussed on your own goals for your blog, and take pride in the little victories whether it be a blog post you’re really proud of, a new follower or managing to stick to your blog post schedule.

2. Post content you’re proud of

I feel like this one is so so important. Not only will it pay off in that people like reading quality posts that are of value and look professional, but you’ll stay motivated and want to keep building on your site if you’re proud of it. The importance of consistency in blogging is huge, and sticking to your schedule whether it’s one post a week or one every day is paramount to building your following, however if you really have no inspiration or desire to write – then don’t! In my opinion, it’s so much better to upload a post a day late that is a quality piece than to just write something for the sake of it just so you stay on schedule.

3. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed

To some this may be a bit of a confusing one, but I know at first I found myself being a bit embarrassed about setting up my own blog. I thought people would see me as an imposter and think: ‘who is she to claim she’s a professional about makeup?!’ but I have found that that isn’t the case at all. Everyone has to start somewhere and I think most people are so understanding of that. Also, since starting my blog I’ve been so touched by the amount of support and encouragement given to me by my friends and family. People like to blog for all sorts of different reasons; be it an outlet for their writing passion, a platform to share thoughts and feelings or somewhere to channel their creative streak! At the end of the day, if you want to do it – why not!

4. Educate yourself

As I said, the world of blogging is still pretty new to me and it can be a bit intimidating thinking about all the possibilities of code that still elude me! But the beauty of the internet nowadays means that if you want to learn about something its so easy to do just that. I’ve been learning more about the possibilities of WordPress as well as photo editing and graphics sites and Youtube is always a treasure trove for step-by-step tutorials. Once you’ve learned a new skill and have put it into practice there’s no better feeling.

5. Enjoy it!

Sometimes maintaining a blog can seem like a chore if you’ve had a particularly busy week and haven’t planned a post or have no inspiration. But always think back to the reason you started your blog and stay true to yourself. Remember, first and foremost it’s supposed to be fun!



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