Got back yesterday from a lovely week in Portugal with my boyfriend! Like Tenerife, it was pretty much just a really chilled and relaxed holiday – we spent our days either by the pool or by the beach and eating far too much food!

We stayed in a little town in the Algarve about an hour from the airport and 20 minutes drive from Lagos and it was honestly perfect. Our apartment was huge; there were 4 beds and 2 bathrooms for just the two of us! But the two bathrooms turned out to be really useful for getting ready in the evenings and we ended up using both bedrooms in the end as one was a lot cooler than the other! The beach had golden sand and clear blue water – we did want to try some watersports but unfortunately the waves were too dangerous while we were there. But it was still a great week and the restaurants on offer were to die for. I tried oysters for the first time… it was interesting (!) but glad I tried them.







 IMG_0520   IMG_0466



Currently got the holiday blues writing this post and that was the last trip planned for this year! But now it’s time to get serious with the job hunt – wish me luck!


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