Now I know it’s quite late in the summer to be doing this kind of post but it was only when I went to Tenerife a couple of weeks ago that I thought of half these must have holiday items! I’ll be back on holiday in the Algarve by the time you read this post, and I thought some other people might be getting some late summer sun so this may still be useful!



This may seem an obvious one but I cannot state enough just how key this is to a great tan! After a long day in the sun, there’s nothing nicer than taking a shower and then slapping on a load of moisturiser to give your skin back some moisture. It’s also the key to keeping your tan looking glowing and healthy for as long as possible on your return back home and not peeling! I love this Soap & Glory Body Butter, it smells so nice and its a lovely creamy consistency.

Ear Plugs

This is one tip that I wouldn’t have thought of if I’d written this post before Tenerife. Ear plugs are so useful to guarantee a lovely relaxing time away. You never know if you’ll have noisy neighbours next door or if your hotel is across the road from a popular bar that’s open all hours! Also, if you have a particularly late or early flight home, they’re so useful to block out the noise from fellow passengers and air hostesses offering refreshments.

Hair Mask

Your hair can really take a battering while on holiday thanks to all that sun, sea water and chlorine from the pool. I also wear my hair up most of the time to keep me cool and all of these things can weaken your hair and make it brittle. I absolutely love Aussie hair products, and their 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor smells lush and gives your hair a much needed injection of hydration.

Books – plural!

If you read my last post you’ll know I’m a big book fan but I struggle to make myself sit down and just read when I’m at home with all the distractions of daily life. I was so surprised how quickly I made my way through the books I took with me to Tenerife and so it’s a must that you take more than one book for a week long holiday! I’m not normally a fast reader at all and so you might find that you surprise yourself too!



    1. Haha I know what you mean! I’ve only just started After You… not thinking it’s going to be as good as the first but too intrigued to find out what happens next not to read it!


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