I find that Sleek is such a good budget make-up brand. My most recent purchase is their Face Contour Kit and I am so impressed with it.

The kit comes with a contour and a highlight shade and is available in 3 different shades depending on your skin tone. I went for Light and it is perfect for my light to medium complexion.


It is the contour shade that I’ve really fallen for. Firstly It’s not too reddy toned which makes it perfect for a nice natural contour and stops it making your skin look muddy. The lovely silky, soft consistency also makes it really easy to use and has a great colour pay off and means its really buildable to allow you to achieve your desired intensity.


The highlight is a lovely light pink, slightly shimmery, shade which is great for applying to the high points of the face. It reminds me quite a bit of Mac’s Soft and Gentle in colour, but I don’t think it has the same colour pay off. That said, it’s perfect for a subtle, everyday highlight and together with the contour shade this palette is an amazing steal at £6.49 and a great staple for any contour lover’s make-up bag! X


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