Maybe it was the effect of the new year, new me mentality that pervades January or just me procrastinating from revision and essay writing, but a few weeks ago I bought Marie Kondo’s book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying’.

 This book has been making its way through the blogosphere for months now, and everyone has been raving about how inspiring it is in putting your life in order so I was so excited to finally read it!

 Her basic ethos (as I understood it) was that you should only keep in your possession those things that sing to your heart. If you pick up a jacket and you don’t feel anything inside – then chuck it! You should also treat your belongings with care and respect. You should definitely not ball up your socks, because they have feelings. Instead, everything should be rolled neatly and stood on its end.

 As a self-confessed neat freak I thought this was right up my alley, but I have to say that even for me, the advice was just not realistic at all! Firstly, there are some items of clothing I simply have to keep even if they don’t make me feel happy inside. All those plain vest tops that are great as an extra layer under a sweater? They’d have to go but they’re just too practical to get rid of!

 Also, she says every piece of clothing should be rolled up and kept in drawers and only things like long dresses should be hung up. But, for me, who only has a wardrobe in my room and minimal drawer space I simply can’t follow this advice! Or I could buy a chest of drawers and then have a basically empty wardrobe.

 And rolling things up are not as easy as she makes out. I tried rolling up all my socks and standing them on end as advised, and yeah don’t get me wrong it looked lovely and I could see everything I had at a glance but once I pulled out one pair the rest of the lot all fell down and it would have driven me insane!

 If you need to feel really inspired to get your things in order or even just tidy your room then I think this book is lovely to just have a skim through. But you’re a better and more patient person than me if you can actually follow all the advice she gives!


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