I love the Lush skincare products, having been converted when I tried out the Ultrabland cleanser which is lovely and gentle and takes make up off so easily without any sting! Lush have a vast array of face masks to choose from but most are fresh meaning they have to be kept in the fridge and be used within a couple of weeks which wouldn’t really work for me as I would only realistically get round to using them about once a week. Mask of Magnaminty isn’t fresh like the others and so my lovely big tub will last me a good while and I absolutely love the stuff!


 As the name suggests, this mask has a predominantly minty aroma, thanks to the peppermint oil which helps to cool and invigorate. Kaolin cleanses, while honey moisturises and organic ground Aduki beans polish and renew. The combination of all these ingredients and more gives a lovely result, where the texture of the mask slightly exfoliates but also moisturises and leaves my skin soft and glowing. The product is great at fighting off any spots and is also brilliant to use if you’re prone to breakouts on your back.

 It has been amazing addition to my bath routine  – I’ve got a brilliant set up going where I have a lovely, hot, bubble bath, slather on this mask, rest my tablet on the loo and watch Youtube videos! Heaven!



      1. It’s one that targets blemishes, blackheads etc and it’s very good for either dry or oily skin! It’s garlic based – but you really can’t smell it which is awesome! 🙂 xx


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