Reaching the end of term is always a struggle for the student bank balance and of course my trusty Nars Sheer Glow foundation would run out when I absolutely cannot justify spending that amount of money on a foundation! So I went high street for my replacement and thought I’d try out Rimmel’s Wake Me Up Foundation.

 Firstly, the pump is so so useful as you can really control how much comes out and it reduces the amount of product that you end up wasting which, again, is really useful when you’re tight on funds!

 It comes out quite thick compared to what I’ve been used to with the Nars Sheer Glow as it really keeps its form when I pump it out onto the back of my hand BUT, don’t let that put you off because when it goes on the skin it does not look cakey at all and has quite a sheer finish making it look really natural. It gives me a bit of a glow too which is perfect for those days when your skin is looking a bit dull and sorry for itself and the coverage is just enough for a natural, daytime look.

 I haven’t found myself having to use loads either, making it a quick and easy process and it seems to stay all day on my skin!

 I also bought the concealer as there was of course a deal in trusty old Boots and who can resist?! Again, this is a great every day concealer. It has a doe foot applicator which makes applications super easy and the consistency this time is quite creamy and fluid which is especially good if you use concealer under your eyes as you don’t want it looking thick and caked on in such a delicate area. It doesn’t have quite as much coverage as my normal Nars Creamy Concealer and you will probably need something a bit more heavy-duty for a night out but for a standard, every day product it does the job and at a fraction of the price!



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