I got a late birthday pressie from my lovely mates and it was something I’ve been lusting after for a long while having seen lots of my fave YouTubers using it and now I’ve finally got my hands on it!

 MAC’s Prep+Prime Highlighter is a pen style applicator that you can use to highlight and/or contour your face to give a real glow and shine from the inside. I like to apply it to my undereye area after applying foundation to really lighten up and lift it as well as the classic contour areas of the forehead, chin and down the nose. The yellowy tone of Light Boost really works with my skin and helps to cancel out any shadow or redness. You can then apply a powder highlighter on top along the cheekbones and down the nose for a really highlighted, glowing look which is great for a night out.

 I don’t use this everyday as I normally just go for a very natural look which is quick and easy for those sleepy mornings but if I’m going out for a nice meal or clubbing with my friends, this adds that extra bit of drama and depth to your make up and is just that bit more special!



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