I had quite a stressful week last week what with uni work, a presentation and on going grad scheme applications and so after a gruelling telephone interview on Friday I decided to head into town and buy myself a little treat!

Now that we’re well and truly into autumn with the leaves falling and having to wrap up I thought I’d love an autumnal coloured lipstick to go with my blacks, burgundy and browns I’ll inevitably be wearing this season. I went to the MAC store and was shown Taupe – this lovely browny, reddy, burgundy shade. It’s absolutely what I wanted. It’s darker than a normal browny nude but not so dark you would never find an occasion to wear it. I team it with the Nice ‘n’ Spicy lip liner and I love the effect it gives. I love wearing it with a simple eyes and strong brows.¬†Definitely going to be wearing this all through the winter and the new year!


Top – Taupe lipstick | Below – Nice ‘n’ Spicy lipliner


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