Before I went back to university I did a quick Boots shop picking up a few extra make up pieces I’d need to get me through the nights out during Freshers week. However an hour after getting ready for my first night back in Notts I realised I’d made a grave error with my mascara purchase as it was constantly rubbing off both onto my eyelids and underneath.

It’s not a good look. 

I had to find a replacement sharpish so as to avoid looking like a panda in all the inevitable freshers photos for the rest of the week.

So back to Boots I went and I picked up L’Oreal’s False Lash Telescopic mascara – and I love it!

I was a bit dubious at first as the wand is more of a comb and not like anything I had tried before. But this just gives my lashes infinite length and definition. Yes, it doesn’t give them loads of volume but I feel like this look works for both day and night and is really effective and striking.

Plus, there was absolutely no rubbing off. It stuck exactly where it was all day and all night – making it a great bottom lash mascara as well which, trust me, is very hard to find! I would highly recommend!


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